Raffle Winners

Make sure to check in on this website for our Raffle Winners.  Here are the winners and prizes do far:


Day Prize Winner Player who sold the ticket
1/1 1 Hour skate @ CBA Jay O’Leary Carson Libby
1/2 $50 cash Kirk Sahagian Averil Sahagian
1/3 1 Dozen Cupcakes Shane Strout Adelaide Strout
1/4 $50 cash Mike Bernier Justin Veilleux
1/5 Coffee + Mug and Yarmouth/Freeport Hockey Gift Bag  Candice Rinaldi Paige Rinaldi
1/6 $35 @Thai Garden Anne Jones Johnny Weinrich
1/7 $15 @ Lids, $35 @ Oakley The Patels Justin Veilleux
1/8 $25@ Shaws, $25 @ F. House Debbie Winslow Garrett Winslow
1/9 $50 Staci Grasky Amanda Panciocco
1/10 $25@ Hannaford, $25 @ Bruce’s Jim Diemer Kevin Gage
1/11 $50 Abby Arruda Ashley Arruda
1/12 $50 @ Play It Again Jeff Raber Isaac Grondin

Click here for the Raffle Winners Page.


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