Yarmouth Pick-up Hockey

On Friday, December 18th at 9:00-10:30 pm, there will be a pick-up game for Yarmouth High School Varsity & Junior Varsity players, parents, and HS or MS coaches at the Casco Bay Arena.  All players need to wear full equipment.

The cost is $10 or two CBCard punches.

On Friday, please show up early and cheer on the Junior Varsity Boys who will be taking on Portland at 7:50 pm at Casco Bay Arena.

Casco Bay Arena will also be holding free Pond Hockey sessions on Saturday, December 19th at 7:50 pm and December 20th at 3:10 pm.  These sessions are free for all players who played on Casco Bay teams this year.  The cost is $10 for players registered with USA Hockey, but who did not play for Casco Bay.

For Pond Hockey sessions, we will be using box goals (no goalies) and players only have to wear helmets with masks and gloves, however, shin pads are recommended.  For more information about these sessions got to Casco Bay Arena Pond Hockey.


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